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Long time no see! I haven’t written on my blog for a long time because, well, finals happened, job happened, uni happened…basically life happened. So I’m going to say it short and post my PERSONAL STATEMENT based on which i got accepted on 4 out of 5 unis (universities-you’ll se me use this abbreviation a lot). I’ve already posted my visual CV for Northumbria University, but now comes the important part. I won’t write it in Romanian because if you’ll want to apply to an abroad uni (which i advise you to), you’ll also have to write it in English. So here it is (the full version of it):

A great man said “ Change the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” and he changed the world. John F. Kennedy not only had the ambition and the initiative to change ideas, thoughts and opinions, which is the hardest to accomplish, but he also succeeded. This motivates me to look for the desire to self-development, to see a future full of successes. Part of this future has been already set up by working hard years in a row, wanting to reach the best of me.
When it came time to decide upon the next step to be done, the undergraduate studies, I knew for sure I want to study PR in Great Britain. I realized this right in the moment when I solicited the reopening of the academic debate club, which had not been active for almost four years . Then, I suddenly found myself the leader of 28 persons, a position which quickly motivated me to learn the qualities and the requirements of a leader. My competitive self made me participate in my first academic debate contest for beginners with a WS format, in Iaşi, after barely 2 weeks of practice, getting the 4th place. The ambition to develop myself took my passion for speaking to the next level and made me participate in the Public Speaking contest organized by ESU Romania, where, unfotunatelly, I did not get any prize. Though, this has not demoralized me, but on the contrary, made me continue on this branch by sharing my experience gained at the club with fellow colleagues from school through demonstrative debates and workshops. The people I had met during the Public Speaking contest, their life experiences and stories made the difference thus I would do it all over again, even if the winning is not guaranteed.
When I entered the high school , I have to admit, I did not know what I wanted to do with my life: would it have been management, law, computer science , medicine. All of them intrigued me. So until I decided, I had tried a bit of everything. At Informatics I obtained certificates like ECDL and CISCO, the 1st prize in the “Ştefan Procopiu” National Paper and Communication Contest in Romania (the Physical science section), the 1st prize in “Green Eco” National Contest (at the paper/movie/photography section, all related to Ecology and Biology) and also the ecological action within “Let’s do it, Romania”. Concerning Romanian contests, I won three times the gold medal in “Evaluation in Education” National Contest, the 1st prize in“Homo viator” Regional Contest and at “The Electoral Campaign for Books” I received the 4th prize and then I was elected to be a member of the jury for the next round. The fact is that my goals are always accomplished, being top of the form in middle school (from 5th to 8th grade) with an overall score of 9,98, over 9 every year in high school and also taking my diploma in Jet Set.
Apart from school, I like to be active in different projects and meet new people. So I found out about the People to People International Organisation. What I like about this NGO is that it has informal activities and you can always come up with new ideas that are taken in consideration. Being said, I was part of the crue that set up the first Mp3 Experiment in Roman and also put together the Halloween party, crues in which I gained the abilities of working in groups. Along with other volunteers, I sang Christmas carols and I sold tea and Christmas ornaments in order to raise funds for the unfortunate children from the “Love and Hope” center . I was also a guide for the chapter from America whom we gave the tour of our city and that gave me the opportunity to discover other ways of thinking, perspectives on life, ideas and types of people, from different age-groups. I think that the best experience so far was last summer when I was involved in a homestay in Varna, Bulgaria . There I had the chance to be a volunteer on the Green Peace Ship and to know their staff, their stories and their way of living which was very different from the the one on the land, by doing activities that they did on a daily basis.All in all, these experiences opened my eyes and my mind and determined me to want more from myself. Like JFK said: “The ancient Greek definition of happiness was the full use of your powers along lines of excellence”.
Nevertheless, I’m a normal teenager who likes to hang out with her friends, to go shopping and who has photography as a hobby. It began as a hobby and then it materialized in a source of income, being part-time hired at my father’s company . I am know immortalizing and making eternal the best moments that a person can have in life, such as: weddings, parties, anniversaries, christenings. I am also that type of person that turns everything into a business and comes up with new ideas for activities that bring me palpable satisfaction. For example, the need to rekindle my wardrobe made me start a so-called business, with hand-made jewelry. I was doing great until I started making money from the other hobby of mine that I mentioned before, that is photography. Once in a while, I go to TEDx conferences, and, in fact, I won an invitation that was based on completing a blank. I do this in my spare time just to clear up my soul and my mind. I like to listen to others’ life experiences and advice.
Commited. Ambitious. Decent. Well educated. Talkative. Leadership qualities. Team work. This is me, being summed up in a few words; a summary used for evolving, for helping others, for doing something procreative. Like any other summary, it has a bigger picture behind and I am sure that you don’t want to miss it.
“I have a dream”, Martin L. King said. Mine is to study abroad, to fulfill my goals and to prove that I’m worth having around due to my personality, my soul and my intelligence, and I am determined to make it happen.

If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact me on:

Facebook: Raluca Rusoiu

Twitter: @RRaluca88

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4 thoughts on “Personal statement

    1. I don’t think so…a friend of mine got accepted to Oxford with a personal statement that started with a quote. There’s no guide in writing personal statements. But though, i’ll improve my skills.


  1. Bournemouth and Northumbria are pieces of shit. If you got accepted with this 5831 characters statement, then it serves as evidence those 2 are not universities. Do something with your life, apply to Manchester or Bristol, not to some universities that will make employers shit on your degree.


    1. You are the only one that has no life and is a hater. You did what I wanted you to do and that is to read my statement, so I win. Don’t mind about my future, I’m good. Just organise your uni life, if you have one…If you were that smart as you pretend to be, you wouldn’t have that narrow vocabulary.


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