London Fashion Week

This blog post will be about the opportunities that may arise at London Fashion Week (LFW), even though you might be skeptical at first when hearing about it. I know that fashion industry is portrayed as a mean world, where everybody shouts at you and treats you like garbage, but it’s not true. My first time ever at LFW was between 20th and 21st of February. Short period of time you’d think. But in 2 days I got to do a lot of things and meet a lot of people.

I volunteered because I hit the “interested” button on their Facebook event page and I saw a post saying that they need advertising students, as far as I remember.  Although I’m doing PR, I said why not? The only bad thing that can happen is get a rejection. Big deal. Therefore I sent an email saying that I’m interested in volunteering for 2 days and that was it, I got accepted. It was that simple.

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                But why would you volunteer, considering you don’t get any financial rewarding?

Great networking eventIMG_4477

If you’re a volunteer it doesn’t mean you can’t talk with anybody. People are understanding, they give you breaks, it’s not a prison. I got the chance to exchange some words with the iDeLick Media representative and thought about having my placement year with them.


Oh yeah, that was my favorite part. If you’ve ever been interested in freelancing, fashion week is the place where you can ask questions. Freelance Bloggers, photographers and journalists show up to these kinds of events. I learnt how to hashtag and how to manage social media.


You get all sorts of experience. You know how it is to work at these events and you have something extra for your CV.

Fashion Show & you have funfashion8

Last, but not least, you can see the fashion shows and talk to the designers. Also, the team was really cool, therefore fun time was expected.

Considering there will be another event soon, I will give all the details you need in case you’re interested. If you don’t want to do it in London, or you’re from another country, don’t hesitate to apply for volunteering. Great people, great work, great opportunities.

LFW Fashion’s Finest Facebook event page (20-21 of February):

LFW Fashion’s Finest Facebook event page for the upcoming event + their website:

Since my phone camera is not great, I’ve uploaded pictures from Fashion’s Finest  Instagram page (in order to give you, guys, an appropriate view of the event), photos taken by iDeLick Media. Also, check below the links for iDeLick Media’s Instagram & website and Fashion’s Finest Instagram and Sandra Singh’s Instagram (the person who taught me how to hashtag).

If you’ve liked it, don’t hesitate to like, share and follow via wordpress or e-mail. I hope it was useful and made you consider volunteering at the next LFW. If you are interested, follow their Facebook page given above.





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