Moisturize those lips

I have always struggled with finding the right lip balm that also had an amazing appearance, hence my addiction to buying all the new lip balms I could find. It’s not hard to buy them, definitely, and it’s not expensive, but it’s time consuming. Since I’ve been through this, through choosing which one fits me best, I want to spare you all from this major problem in life, and make a review on my favorite lip balms…and also the worst.

Nivea – £5 for a set of 5 in Primark




This is my first best. Whether you want full moisturizing or a little bit of color on your lips, Nivea is there for you. I tried to replace it with other lip balms, but it’s still the best when it comes to moisturizing your lips. It’s thick and it doesn’t dry fast, which gives your lips the perfect coat for cold winters, hot summer, and why not, nights out.

Bershka – £5


I have to say that it is on the same place as Nivea, only it looks better. Same consistency, same hydration, better looking. There are 3 flavors – coconut, raspberry and passion fruit – and they are all to die for. Heaven on your lips.

Balea – £1


This is a brand that you won’t find in UK, unfortunately. But for those who are international, you should give it a try and also surprise your English friends with a gift. Not as thick as Nivea and doesn’t hydrate 100%, but, it looks well and tastes as good as it looks.

EOS – £13 for 5 of them on Amazon

I have to say I am really disappointed with this one, being on the third place. I was dying to have at least one because I have seen it in one of Miley Cyrus’ videos, and I though it will bang. But it sure didn’t. Doesn’t moisturize almost at all. It’s only the looks, the taste and the celebrity endorsement, which by the way, is not always great.

H&M – £2,5


Again, looks good, does nothing. It’s ok if that is the only lip balm that you have in hand, so it’s not totally useless. But it sure doesn’t hydrate too much, and on top of that, it leaves the lips sticky.

Primark – £1


This is the worst of them all. It sure has a great visual impact but it’s useless. The glitter inside makes it even worse. Never buy them! Maybe only as ornaments, but that would be the only thing.

Coconut oil + sugar


This is not a lip balm, but it is THE BEST scrub I have ever had in my life, and it’s so simple to make. A small spoon of coconut oil + a little bit of sugar; mix them together, apply them on lips, massage the lips for 1 minute (that’s how I do it, but feel free to set you own time), rinse… and voila, perfect lips. Smooth, hydrated and healthy!

Invest in coconut oil, even though it is about £15 because it has multiple uses: hair, skin, lips. I soak my hair in coconut oil once every 2 weeks or once every week, leave it overnight, wash it in the morning and apply conditioner, and then see the results: definitely healthier, it feels like silk, has a strong shine to it, doesn’t fall that much, and also, it definitely cleans the scalp.


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