To plump, or not to plump?

Every person that ever met me knows that I have really expensive addictions, and one of them is constantly changing myself. I started with hair, having all the colors that you can imagine and then I moved to cosmetic procedures. I didn’t do a lot, but still, I have managed to get an eyelash permanent and lip fillers. Eyelash permanent will come soon on my blog as I want to get the extensions as well and make a comparison. Therefore, in this post, I will talk about lip fillers, common mistakes and why you should/shouldn’t get them; I will upload photos, really rubbish, as I took them with my phone.

Lip fillers were something that I have always wanted to do. Not because I wasn’t comfortable with my lips, but because I wanted to see how I would look with bigger lips. Having said this, bear in mind it’s my personal opinion, merely driven by my ongoing desire to proceed with this cosmetic procedure.

Having this done with hyaluronic acid and not Botox, my lips will last up to 7 months. I’m not sure how much it lasts with Botox.

But please, please, please, do your RESEARCH first.

Take in consideration the reason for why you want to get them done. My advice would be that no matter the reason, go for hyaluronic acid first (if it’s your first time) as they will eventually dissipate. This way you know you haven’t done anything permanent to your face in case you don’t like it.

I really love my lips and I love the fact that I got them done. However, I had some problems in the first week, having a big bump in my lip. Apparently, it is quite common for this to be happening, although it’s pretty much a pain in the ass. I had to keep ice on my upper lip and rub it with cream for 5 days straight. Having this said, it gets me back to my first advice for you which is RESEARCH. In this case, the more money you spend doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, as I have spent 300 for 1 syringe (which is quite a lot). Allow yourself time to look at reviews, contact previous customers from different salons, and really choose what it’s best for you. Also, make sure you DO research when it comes to the brand and quality of the solution that you introduce in your lips (this can be easily done with Google).

I got them done when I went back home for reading week. Saturday I was home and Monday I got my lips done. I rushed it, which was my mistake. It wasn’t a big mistake, it wasn’t the end of the world, but it was indeed a hassle, an extra thing that I didn’t have to do. Imagine what would’ve happened if the next day I had an event to attend. What would have I done? Go to the event with a big bump in my lip. Sooo my further advice is: do NOT get them done before and important event in your life like Christmas party, first date, fashion week, etc. because you will be swollen anyway.

Is it painful? I have no idea, as I am a chicken and I have requested as much anesthetic as they had. I had 5 anesthetic injections (which hurt a bit), spray, and two different types of gel. I felt absolutely nothing. Only in the corner of my upper lip I felt the injections for the lip fillers. It is uncomfortable but not painful to the extent of fainting. Therefore, it is your choice whether you want to feel it or not. Just make sure you tell this to the doctor before he orders the syringe, as for some of the brands you need to opt in/out for anesthetic.

Confidence boost & a nice present

The lip fillers were my 21st birthday present as my dad knew I always wanted to get them done. If you have a significant other that you know would want these, you might as well just buy them as a present. They’re indeed more expensive than your average present, but definitely cheaper than a laptop/IPhone/Swarovski jewelry/high-end makeup or clothes. And it gives you that confidence boost when you apply lipstick, when you take photos, and when you go out.

Also, if you still don’t want to keep them for 7 months, you can try the 1 day lip filler (24 hours or 48 hours, not sure) or a limp plumper; although lip plumpers don’t work the same (review soon on Katie Price lip plumpers).

I don’t regret them at all and I will definitely get them done again. Just as a recap, remember to: RESEARCH, do NOT rush with your decision, take in consideration every aspect of your life, and balance the pros and cons of lip fillers and how lip fillers would benefit you. And if you do get them done, remember to rock those lips and be your fabulous self, but with plumper, juicier lips.

^.^ Raluca


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