Obligatory V-Day Post

Even a cold hearted human being loves Valentine’s Day; secretly dying for V-Day to come or being really vocal about it, we all get excited for 14th of February and we all get butterflies even at the thought of it. I personally think that the advertising around this day is just another way to make money out of hopeless romantics; and I also think that this celebration is cliché and that you should love your significant other everyday, and not just one day a year when you buy whatever fancy gift.

HOWEVER, I love Valentine’s Day, even though I have never had that significant other during this celebration. It’s pretty much like Christmas, only adding lots of pink and lots of heart decorations: discounts, LOVE, a general peaceful, relaxed, and festive atmosphere, sexy lingerie (not sure if this is related to Christmas), deals for restaurants etc. On the other hand, if you don’t want to have the typical V-Day date (the cliché one, the one that I hate), the one where you go to a restaurant, spend money on a meal, spend money on a present, then go home and have sex – like you only have to have sex and eat once a year – you can, SHOCKINGLY, do something that will make memories and that will make you and your partner unique. Outside the box ideas for dates:

Zip lining

Not too expensive, not too cheap, but better than being traditional. If you’re a fan of adrenaline, then you have to give it a go, especially if it is somewhere in a forest; which means you will also get to spend some time in nature, walk, take nice photos, and relax.

If you are from UK, I suggest looking into GoApe which is attached below:


You can also give Bungee Jumping a try. Depends which one you prefer more.

Sky Diving

Definitely more expensive and for couples that are really keen on adventures and adrenaline. It is, indeed, a unique idea, but I would suggest it for an anniversary more, instead of V-Day.

Graffiti Workshop

I think this is actually the best so far. You get to bond for 2 hours with your spouse and also create some sort of art (depending on your skills really).

If you are from Bournemouth, gather 5 couples and contact Mike Ness, the CEO of MBN Arts. He is offering discounts on a 2 hour workshop, and also, he is a lovely patient guy that will help you in any way; great person to work with. I have talked to him today and he told me that after the workshop you get to keep the canvas/canvases. See the link below:


Spa Day

If your boyfriend is more co-operative about a spa day than mine, and he doesn’t think that everything related to beauty is gay, then you should give it a try in order to have a nice relaxed day; especially if you are 2 professionals working non-stop that rarely take a break. If your boyfriend is like mine, then you can forget about this idea; or BETTER forget about him and go have a spa day with your girls.

Race car events / exhibitions

This is more of a surprise rather than a date if you’re not both into cars. Therefore, think twice before booking something because you might end up really bored and frustrated. V-Day is for BOTH of you, not for only one of you.

However, consider booking tickets as a birthday present, because then you have to suck it up and allow your partner to do whatever he/she wants for a day; in the end, it’s their B-Day.


That one time you can kick balls without looking psychotic. I actually went bowling on a first date and it was much more fun than sitting in a restaurant waiting for background check questions – which you can find on Facebook anyway – and then feeling guilty for not being allowed to pay, but also for not liking the guy either. Bowling fills in those silent moments and it also makes the conversation more relaxed.

Treat yourself

Don’t wait for a person to give meaning to your life.

There’s nothing more fun than loving yourself even if you have or not that “other person”. Girlfriends, family, pets – we all have someone or something. And if you do feel alone then do something that makes you happy no matter what. I will be alone on this V-Day even though I’m dating someone (which sucks), but I guess some people are just not meant to be in our lives. Love and respect your own self, and cut whoever is a waste of time. Sorry not sorry for the cheesy paragraph.


Cheers for reading this and stay tuned for an update on my blog: changing the “Stories” category to “Dating”, but with a twist.

^.^ RR


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