MAC Lipsticks, yay or nay?

1Before I met my friend from Kuweit, soon to be BFF, MAC products were just a myth to me…something that I used to look at and try on, but never buy. I have never bought them because I wasn’t sure of the quality, consistency, and also if I liked them. And we all know that they’re not the most affordable lipsticks, having their starting price at £15.

But I have turned 20 and my BFF bought me my all-time favorite eyeliner (and I knew I loved it because I have tried hers), and a MAC lipstick in an orange shade.


Great texture, really creamy, nice smell but not unbearable. On my first encounter with the product I gave it a 9/10. It wasn’t a 10/10 because of it being too expensive for what it was. Being so easy to wear, I didn’t even need a lip liner.

It felt like I was wearing my fave lip balm to which I have added a rich color. Speaking of that, the texture of any MAC lipstick is amazing. No need to apply multiple coats! You get that rich color from only one application. Also, whatever color you decide to buy, you know it’ll be 100% featured on the lips because the lipsticks are not patchy, pastel, or thin.


Another PRO (which is not related to texture and quality) is that there are A LOT of shades to choose from. So, no matter your skin color, preference, or style, you know you will find the color that suits you best.


However, since it is so creamy, it goes everywhere on your teeth. EVERYWHERE!!! And it is not 7even hydrating as a lip balm. Also, you can be sure that after lunch, you will have left all your lipstick on the fork/spoon, glass, and you have also swallowed it alongside your food.

Really wanting to be a MAC fan (because I wanted to be part of the “cool kids” crowd) I have bought 2 matte MAC lipsticks from the Toledo collection. THEY’RE NOT MATTE! They are exactly the same as how a ‘normal’ lipstick usually is (texture and coverage wise)…but overpriced, duh, obviously.

Me not being able to get through at least a quarter of my day without having lipstick all over my face was enough to put me off MAC. I chose Kylie Jenner and NYX instead, which I think they are way better and cheaper (stay tuned for a review). I think MAC has JUST got the image of a really fabulous brand that sells quality and beauty products for young professionals with busy lives; whereas in reality the lipsticks are not reflecting that image. I might be wrong though, as I haven’t looked into their target audience.

I have hated the lipsticks, but the EYELINER is the best you can ever have! (3 must-have eyeliners post coming next Thursday)


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