SINGLE GIRL renting a flat

If you’re a single lady trying to rent a flat with GOADSBY in Bournemouth, be aware that you either have to have a boyfriend or you have to fuck the letting agent. *Keep reading, it gets better*

So I had a flat viewing with this Romanian guy NICOLAI ICHIM aka Nick (and I can say this makes me ashamed of the fact we were born in the same country)… and as you can tell, he works for GOADSBY.

We viewed the kitchen and he told me it’s quite small, followed by my “I don’t know how to cook anyway so it’s fine”; followed by his “so what does your boyfriend say about this?”. I am glad to announce that the times when women were supposed to slave in the kitchen for their men are OFFICIALLY OVER.

I didn’t pay much attention to this and we moved on discussing agency fees. I told him about the situation with my guarantor, after which he offered to FALSIFY my bank statements and my contract for the council so I can get the flat. I said NO to that and I said I’ll just pay 6 months in advance, which means I don’t need someone to guarantee for me (as I am already earning enough and I’m securing the place). He then said that it’s totally safe to falsify documents in photoshop cause in the end he did in numerous times for other people that some weren’t even working legally in this country. I passed on that again. He then told me that even if I pay 6 months in advance I would still need a guarantor, which is OH SO WRONG because I am guaranteeing I pay for the flat.

We exchanged numbers because he apparently was friends with the landlord and he could get a faster reply. The next day,  Nicu said that the landlord agreed with my guarantor situation and that I OWE HIM A DATE. I tried to be nice and said I just got out of a nasty relationship and I don’t wanna date for a while (which is not true). Even after my rejection, he insisted in “being naughty friends”, in the end we don’t need a relationship. I said no to that AGAIN, mentioning I am seeing someone and that we should only discuss letting from now on. He was supposed to send me the guarantor form the very same day which he failed to do, which proves my theory that you have to fuck the agent so you can get the flat.

The next day I called the agency asking for the manager (who wasn’t in), so I discussed with his co-worker and in 2 hours I had the guarantor form. I filled in every form they gave me, sent them back, and waited to get a bank account so I can put down the referencing fee. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. That happened Friday, and today is Monday. And sending a bank account doesn’t take more than 2 minutes of their precious time.

Even if the reason for not hearing back from them was me not wanting to date the letting agent or not, I can still say you (NICU aka Nick) were really sexist, inappropriate, and you made me extremely uncomfortable. Plus, he didn’t want to show me another flat because it is not suited for a single girl like me. Apparently you need a man attached to you so you can prove you are able to rent a flat.




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