I will be writing about the fashion and beauty trends that caught my eye or that I have tried myself. Fashion is one thing I want to pursue as a future career; therefore, I will try to make the posts as helpful and entertaining as possible.


This is the new thing on my blog! Instead of researching people’s life stories (which you can find on many other blogs) I thought I might give you some insight from my life. Why though? Because I have dated A LOT. And by a lot, I mean I have dated so many different guys that even I am surprised.

The reason I chose this approach is that I know there are a lot of people out there that have confronted or that are dealing now with the same problems I did, and I want you to be comfortable enough to know it might not always be your fault; sometimes it is your fault; you are not a slut if you are dating a lot of guys; and you do not have to settle down with, maybe the wrong man, just because society is slut-shaming you.

I will try to keep “my guys” in chronological order (although I might forget some of them and add them later on). No real names will be given – I sure don’t want to be sued. All details will be accurate, I have nothing to hide, and I have already been slut shamed, therefore, who cares of what people say anymore?!

Get your popcorn and enjoy!


I will try my best to keep this section updated, although I don’t consider myself in the position of giving much advice regarding uni, as I myself have no idea what I’m doing. However, what I will post will be well researched and from my point of view.

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Or you can contact me directly on this blog.


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